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At Cripps Footwear we take the time to talk to you about your footwear needs, and any problems you may have. From young to old, we offer unrivaled care and knowledge, to advise and recommend shoes that are truly comfortable for your feet.

We care about your feet and look forward to meeting you. We meet people with all manner of fitting complications on a daily basis

If you can't come to visit, and are unsure what to buy online, call us and we are happy to help

Phone 01-4907237

Superfit 1-009469
Puma Attacanto Junior FG/AG
Biomecanics 242255
Superfit 1-009256
So Danca Low Heel Character Shoes
Biomecanics 242233
Superfit 1-009256
Ricosta BETH 8500103 50
Merrell J067611 Nova 3
Birkenstock 1019484 Boston
POD Logan
POD Logan
POD Spear
POD Spear
G-Comfort S-822WF
G-Comfort R-9281LM
G-Comfort R-5581PP
G-Comfort R-5581GK

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