The Cripps name has been synonymous with good quality footwear for over a century in Dublin. When Joseph Cripps first set up business as a boot and shoe maker in St. Augustine Street, Dublin was a city of cobbles, gas lamps, horse traffic and window shutters.
He was soon recognised as an outstanding craftsman, and people not only from Dublin, but the surrounding counties, came for his hand made shoes and boots.

For over sixty years he successfully traded, and combined shoemaking with a retail business.

His son, Joseph continued the business, as did the third generation, Joseph, John and Austin.

In 1960s Dublin Corporation decided to clear parts of the old city, and new premises had to be Found by the three brothers. Joseph opened a new store in Thomas Street, and soon after John expanded the business with a store in Fairview. And in October 1962, Austin opened his store in Terenure, the one which we are all familiar with today.


Cripps Footwear, Thomas Street, circa 1965


In the mid-eighties, Austin passed the business on to his eldest son, Austin Jnr., and although ‘semi-retired’,  enjoyed working in the store for many years further. 

 We fondly remember Austin and Austin Jnr. who sadly passed away in recent years, and the shop is now run by the fourth generation of Cripps, Joseph and his sister Olga.


Austin Snr. and Austin Jnr.


Things have changed since those days in the Sixties. We have air-conditioned shops with comfortable leather seats, and sadly, the Rocking Horse has been forced into retirement because of new health & safety rules.

 Cripps footwear has become reknown for being one of the country's outstanding shops for Children’s shoes but it should be remembered that we also stock a quality selection of Ladies and Gents footwear. Cripps is truly a family shoe store for all the family.

 But one thing remains the unchanged over all these long years.  People still travel from far and wide to Cripps Footwear, which is a testament to our commitment to bring you the best products, the latest fashions, all served with a friendly smile.


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