ION 8, Quench Water Bottle, Grey

Colour: Grey
Size: 1000ml

100% leak proof 1000ml / 34oz BPA free sport water bottles with a smooth flow for spill-free hydration and hygienic full-flip top cover for one handed use on-the-go

The perfect large water bottle for fitness, gym, camping and outdoors.This bottle has an integrated hand grip and fits wider or adjustable cup holders and external adult rucksack mesh pockets.

Made from Recyclon™, a transparent carbon neutral plastic partly made from plants. Reuse & refill responsibly. This drinks bottle is food safe, odour resistant, easy to wash, and keeps drinks fresh and full of flavour.

Capacity 1100ml/36oz

Dimensions H28.5cm x Dia.8cm

Weight 174g (1274g when full)

Material Recyclon™ Polymer, BPA Free


OneTouch bottles have an air vent for smooth, spill-free flow. The side spout allows for minimal tilt for perfect hydration. If you over-tilt, water may dribble from the vent.


Rinse the bottle and cap with cool water before use. After use, rinse with warm water and dish soap only. Do not scrub with brushes or abrasives. Air dry thoroughly before storage with the cap off. Hand wash or use a dishwasher on a cool wash cycle.

Restrictions: Do not freeze when full, boil, or microwave the bottle. Not suitable for carbonated drinks or non-drinkable liquids. Do not wash in a dishwasher on a hot cycle.

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