Sorbothane Full Strike Insoles

-Ideal for activities where the whole foot is subject to impact
-Suitable for high impact sports such as running, aerobics, tennis and more
-Ideal for football and rugby boots
-Contains antibacterial top sheet and moisture wicking technology

Sorbothane Full Strike Shock Stopper Insoles are ideal for any activity where the whole foot is subject to impact, including intensive, high impact sport and leisure activities. The Sorbothane Shock Stopper Full Strike Insole is made entirely of Sorbothane Viscoelastic material to provide the most comprehensive and complete protection no matter how intense the impact.

Sorbothane Shock Stopper Full Strike Insoles have a top sheet material which contains advanced, antibacterial Nano Silver technology to prevent bacteria from forming. The high performance material is also low friction and wicks moisture away from skin keeping feet fresh and dry. The Sorbothane Shock Stopper Insoles can be worn with or in place of an existing insole, depending on the footwear.

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