Shock waves are created each time the foot hits the ground. This repeated action can create serious damage to joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons as well as causing tired muscles and limbs. Made from Sorbothane’s® unique visco-elastic material, the impact areas of the Sorbo-Pro Insole mimics the characteristics of human flesh, dissipating the shockwaves out sideways at the moment of impact for incredible shock absorption.

Dimpled pattern reduces shearing forces. Specifically designed for Football, hockey, rugby, cricket and studded or spiked footwear. The Sorbo-Pro is ideal for pain in the balls of the foot, fallen or sore arches and/or sore heels. 90 minutes of flat out football or rugby can take their toll. Slipping Sorbo-Pro into your boots should be a standard part of your game plan.

Sorbothane® Reactor Pads
Highly-responsive, technical forefoot compound inlaid to compliment your foot’s natural energy return during “toe-off”.

Sorbothane® Biofit Technology
Foot related pain can affect the way you run, walk and stand, which can often lead to pain in your ankles, knees, hips and back. When your foundation is correctly supported, aligned and cushioned, it starts a chain reaction of pain relief throughout your entire body. Sorbo-Pro’s carefully crafted insole geometry is ventral to achieving its biomechanical aim. The heel cup holds the heel in position after the foot hits the ground and the stabilising arch cradles the bones of the arch of the foot to reduce excessive foot pronation.

Sorbothane® Total Control Topsheet
Sorbothane’s® total control anti-bacterial top sheet system contains advanced nano silver technology to wick away moisture and provide maximum comfort.

Please note: In the interest of hygiene this item cannot be returned once opened unless there is a fault.

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